Transformational Tools: Collaging

Making art can be a healing practice. Through using and making images we create in ourselves the capacity to metabolize our pain and create something beautiful instead. I work with individuals and with groups where we create transformational collages together.


Transformational Tools: Dreamwork

Through projective dreamwork we explore how, as the Rev. Jeremy Taylor described, dreams come to us in the service of health and wholeness. We come together and work dreams either individually or in a group.


Ecologically Grounded Clinical Supervision and Practice

For clinical supervisees I offer supervision that is grounded in understanding the source of suffering for individuals who are seeking assistance. I offer a holistic approach that is grounded in ecotherapy. This approach focuses on recognizing that through intentionally interacting with the natural world we can find pathways to healing that are rooted in earth-based wisdom. In other words, nature is our primary teacher and mentor.


Ecopsychological Approaches for Social Service Organizations

This area of my consulting work focuses on bringing earth-based wisdom and knowledge into practice within the context of social service organizations. How can we cultivate and inspire employees to thrive and flourish and bring their creative energies into the workplace? By intentionally cultivating a healthy work ecosystem, organizations can help employees feel inspired and germinate seeds for growth.


Anthropological Inquiry: Focus Groups and Interviews

What do people care about? With group discussions and individual interviews, I have conversations with people to get to the heart of the matter.


Anthropological Inquiry: Program and Institutional Evaluation

By spending time with people in the workplace, finding out how agencies work, and discovering what their needs are, I learn how organizations can operate more effectively. I use interviews, surveys, and an assortment of other strategies to optimize organizational health and effectiveness.