Ceremonies & Rituals

So many of us lose our vitality due to living in devitalized spaces, too much screen time, social and political strife, overwork, witnessing environmental abuses, and/or experiencing work and life alienation.

Ceremonial practice is a creative and an artful way to integrate mind-body restoration, environmental awareness, and planetary healing.

I encourage you, regardless of your “belief system,” to cultivate daily practices that will provide you with a sense of place and will ground you in the seasons and rhythms of the planet and of the larger cosmos.

My approach to ceremonial and ritual work is simple: by weaving small, simple ceremonies through our daily lives, we can restore our vitality and amplify the restorative energies that are intrinsic to who we are and essential for earth healing.

Ceremonies can range from rites of passage such as weddings and births to smaller practices, such as, daily meditation, space clearings, house blessings, and mentally/emotionally preparing for surgery.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about any of these practices.

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