Explore your inner world! SoulCollage® is a fun, creative, and intuitive process that can help us tap into our inner wisdom. By creating small collages you learn more about how you navigate your world. No “artistic” ability is required – you are welcome to use your imagination, craft collages, and have fun! We frequently offer themed SoulCollage® workshops throughout the year.


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Projective dreamwork is an excellent tool of self-discovery. In this process we explore how, as the Jeremy Taylor described, dreams come to us “in the service of health and wholeness.” By exploring your dreams in a supportive context, you can tap into “the wisdom of your dreams.”


Introductory Resources for Projective Dreamwork

Robert Moss – Way of the Dreamer

Remembering Jeremy Taylor


Clinical Supervision

Nicole offers clinical supervision that is grounded in understanding the source of suffering for individuals through ecological and psychoanalytic perspectives. She is interested in expressive arts and dreamwork as healing modalities.