Dreamwork and Spiritual Counseling

My approach to dreamwork starts with the premise that “all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.

Through images and symbols, dreams are a gift to the dreamer and allow us to receive wisdom from our own inner wellspring. They have the inherent capacity to provide both practical and deeper forms of perennial spiritual wisdom that can provide tools for our life journey.

I am trained in projective dreamwork through the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork, founded by the Reverend Dr. Jeremy Taylor and active dreaming by Robert Moss.

I offer both individual and group dreamwork sessions.  Individual and group sessions each are an active exploration of the dreamer’s dream(s). The focus of sessions are to  reach the deeper gifts of the dream, which usually lie beyond the more “obvious” meanings of the dream.

Many individual problems lie not merely in psychological, diagnostic conditions, but are instead psychospiritual problems  – that is – spiritual problems that are frequently masking as psychological problems.


Psychospiritual issues frequently emerge as spiritual and existential crises, dissonance within a person’s current worldview, psychic ruptures due to traumatic events, through recurring nightmres, and through social and political alienation – especially within the domain of historical and intergenerational trauma.

Being ordained provides me with the necessary container to provide confidential direction and counsel.

I offer 60 or 90 minute dreamwork sessions over Skype, the phone or in person. Please contact me via email or telephone to schedule an appointment.

“In the beginning was the dream. In the eternal night where no dawn broke, the dream deepened. Before anything ever was, it had to be dreamed…We are children of the earth’s dreaming.”