Therapeutic services for adults, couples, children, and adolescents

I provide holistic integrative services which address anxiety, depression, healing from trauma & PTSD, improving relationships & communication skills, integrating events related to grief and loss, working on life transitions, and other mental and emotional health challenges. I work from a Jungian perspective, specialize in holistic intuitive therapy, and provide spiritual and intuitive perspectives.

Counseling sessions with me are natural and conversational. I steer conversations to be collaborative – conversations that focuses on what inspires you and makes you thrive. Sessions are centered on  allowing you to process and explore events in your life but also ground you in the threads of your life, focus on your overarching goals, and apply material to your real world, concrete situations.  When necessary, I also offer you coping skills and other stress reducing techniques so you will learn effective ways to manage stress in your life and increase your resiliency.

Specialty areas