The Fabric of Your Life

Take the time to weave the threads of your life together.

Notice the textures, colors, and types of threads that comprise the glorious patterns of your unique tapestry.

Notice the fibers.

What tales are spun in the life that you live?

Is your tapestry  “fraying at the edges?”  

Are there new patterns emerging?

How tightly and “brightly woven” are the threads?  

There are a multitude of Weaver stories found in folklore throughout the ages. Weavers are known to have properties that are both practical (from cloth-making) and often transcendent (cosmic pattern-making). Day by day, we navigate the precious threads of our lives and create intricate, detailed stories – tales that are woven through time and space.


Tales of Weaving and Spinning

I dreamed of Orchil, the dim goddess who is under the brown earth, in a vast cavern, where she weaves at two looms. With one hand she weaves life upward through the grass; with the other she weaves death downward through the mould; and the sound of the weaving is Eternity, and the name of it in the green world is Time. And, through all, Orchil weaves the weft of Eternal Beauty, that passeth not, though its soul is Change. This is my comfort, O Beauty that art of Time, who am faint and hopeless in the strong sound of that other weaving, where Orchil, the dim goddess, sits dreaming at her loom under the brown earth.