Training & Consultation Services

Clinical Supervision, Qualitative Data Analysis, Program Evaluation, and Cross-Cultural Training

Throughout my career I have excelled at using my anthropological skills of observation, interviewing, qualitative data analysis, and teaching.

I am a seasoned instructor who enjoys the challenge of creating teaching and training materials that are accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

As a cultural anthropologist, my areas of expertise are in the social and psychological effects of militarization in urban communities. I am able to provide a wide variety of trainings within the context of mental health settings, such as:

Cultural responsiveness, sensitivity, and cultural translation within clinical settings

Institutionalized/Systemic Violence (e.g., racial profiling, mass incarceration,  workplace racism and bullying)

Historical/Intergenerational Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care

Decolonial Strategies for healing, liberation, and resilience

Clinical Consultation and Supervision (I am a WA State approved Clinical Supervisor)

Counseling sessions

Counseling sessions with me are natural and conversational. I steer conversations to be collaborative – conversations that focuses on what inspires you and makes you thrive.

Sessions are centered on  allowing you to process and explore events in your life but also ground you in the threads of your life, focus on your overarching goals, and apply material to your real world, concrete situations.  When necessary, I also offer you coping skills and other stress reducing techniques so you will learn effective ways to manage stress in your life and increase your resiliency.

I have an organic understanding of the challenges presented to professionals in organizational settings, especially when attempting to implement Evidence-Based Practices.

My previous work in institutional settings—such as Monroe Correctional Complex, King County Jail, Regional Mental Health Court, and Harborview Medical Center—have given me a direct opportunity to understand the multiple systems that marginalized clients frequently encounter and the challenges they face within institutions that normalize inequity.

My expertise is grounded in culturally specific and relevant approaches and are designed to address historical and intergenerational issues of trauma.

I am committed to an approach that reaches across disciplines and explores novel ways of training, learning, and collaborating.

I subscribe to a compassionate approach in education and training: I strive to model empathy, trust, and collaboration and believe that my audiences should feel comfortable in expressing ideas in areas in which they lack knowledge, expect additional explanations, and always ask questions.

For additional information, please call 206.295.4100 or contact me by email at (at) gmail (dot) com.